• Identification Data, Insurance, Contacts & Program Enrollment Information
  • Medical Profiles including Diagnoses, Allergies & Medications
  • Guidelines, Information & Contacts for emergencies involving an individual

The Individual Data form (IDF) is designed to help users maintain essential information such as race, religion, admission date, program enrollment date, etc. for individuals, along with their basic identification details such as name, date of birth, physical features, etc. Users are able to attach to this module two photographs and scanned documents and store them in a HIPAA compliant form.

When entering medical information in the IDF, users can easily refer to a list of ICD10 codes and select the medical diagnoses that apply to an individual. Users also have the option to Resolve a Diagnosis and document the date it was resolved and by whom.

Information on the IDF can be updated by users who have been assigned appropriate privileges.

*Do not use protected health information in search

Individual Data form User Guides