Therap’s T-Log module offers a simple and effective way for agencies to enter and share daily shift notes, diary notes, progress notes efficiently. T-Log allows you to record and communicate day-to-day information and progress notes of a Person with Disability (PWD) with other staff/teachers who can add follow ups and share information within a secure environment.

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Category of T-Logs

You can categorize T-Logs using one of the preset labels –
Health, Notes, Follow-up, Behavior, Contacts, General

Tracking T-Logs

As T-Logs need to be seen by everyone providing support to an Individual in an organization/school, Therap Dashboard helps you keep track by displaying a count of unread T-Logs.

Mobile T-Logs

You can also create and view T-Logs directly from your mobile phones!

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T-Logs for Mobile

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T-Log Training Video

T-Log User Guides