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Monthly Archives: April 2020

How to enter ISP data in Therap Software using Therap Mobile Application

With great pleasure, Therap Global invites you to join our [...]

Track Daily Progress notes in T-Log module using Therap Mobile application!

Therap Global is thrilled to announce that an upcoming live [...]

How to enter ISP Data in Therap Software

Therap Global is pleased to announce the upcoming live group [...]

How to Create Individual Education Plan (IEP) using Therap’s ISP Program Module

Therap Global is pleased to invite you to our upcoming [...]

Overview of Demographic Report Module in Therap Software

Therap is excited to present to you a live group [...]

Overview and Report Generation of Daily Progress Notes in Therap Software

To resolve your obstacles with everyday progress notes, Therap Global [...]

Track Daily Progress notes using T-Log module in Therap Software

With great pleasure we are announcing our upcoming live group [...]

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