Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Therap is an electronic documentation system that helps organizations with documentation, communication and reporting. The Therap system is primarily used by organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities, providing services including education, supported living, vocational training, physical/speech therapy, and children’s services.
Therap does not provide any direct therapy services. However, our electronic documentation system is used by many people and organizations that provide physical, behavioral, speech, and occupational therapies.
Therap is a mission driven company committed to providing a system that is accessible for organizations around the world. We work with a wide range of organizations, including NGOs, private organizations, and governments.
Therap is used by organizations helping people with disabilities across the world, including the United States, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Philippines, Tanzania, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, Uganda, and other countries.
There are a wide range of benefits for using the Therap system including, but not limited to:

  • Accessing information on any device with an internet connection
  • Keeping documents secure and private
  • Finding records within seconds 
  • Producing reports quickly with automatic updates
  • Visualizing progress for people receiving support
  • Communicating easily with other staff and family members
In order to maintain a system that is as accessible for as many organizations as possible, we do not allow agencies to customize the Therap software. However, there are many options to adjust and personalize the Therap system based on your organization’s preferences. For example, organizations have the ability to add their logo to reports and have access to a large list of user preferences.


Therap provides many options for training. Our team of trainers are available for live video or audio training calls and can answer questions via email or WhatsApp. Additionally, we offer written and video User Guides that can be viewed at your convenience.
Note: due to the current Coronavirus, we have suspended all in-person training, but we will resume all our in-person training soon as the situation gets better.

Our training focuses on teaching people how to use the Therap software. During these trainings, our team of experts may discuss the principles that form the Therap system, like the importance of data security and person-centered thinking.

The time that it takes to train users varies based on how frequently user’s take trainings and practice, as well as their general comfort with internet software. Typically, users will be able to start documenting information about individuals within the first few trainings.