Therap Global is being Used by Different Service Providers

Alphonsus De Alban, School Administrator, St. Philomena School
Limia Dewan, Senior Program Manager, BRAC Education Program, BRAC
Mahbub Hasan, Teacher, Society For The Welfare Of Autistic Children (SWAC)
Md. Mofijul Islam, Deputy director, Society For The Welfare Of Autistic Children (SWAC)
Ms. Rabeya Bosery, Occupational Therapist, Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF)
Kimberly Casiño De Alban, Special Education Program Specialist, St. Philomena School
Sabrina Mustary Smrity, Special Educator, Beautiful Mind School

Summary: Agencies spoke about the benefits they received after using Therap.

BRAC Education Program, BRAC

ব্র্যাক এর Therap বিষয়ক প্রশিক্ষণ

Limia Dewan, Senior Program Manager

Summary: Limia talks about how she got to know about Therap and how her agency is benefited using Therap. She also talks about training sessions conducted by Therap Global Team on how to use different modules has benefited the teachers and BRAC.

St. Philomena School

How Therap is Benefitting St. Philomena School in their Daily Documentation

Alphonsus De Alban, School Administartor
Kimberly Casiño De Alban, Special EducationProgram Specialist

Summary: Using Therap reduced paperwork. Teachers, individuals and guardians are benefited as the student record are easy to access and make decisions based on that.

Angel’s Care Foundation (ACF)

Angel’s Care Documentary (2019)

Farjana Faruq, Principal
Tanvira Sultana, Psychologist

Summary: They shared their experience before and after using Therap. They explained how they no longer have to record daily activities of students in a dairy, as they have T-Logs. Both the parents and teachers are now able to track every students activity which helps them take decisions.