Dinner with the CEO of Winford Centre for Children and Women

    Johanna Kroth from the Therap Global team recently had a wonderful dinner meeting with Basirat Razaq-Shuaib. She is the CEO and founder of The Winford Centre for Children and Women, which is situated at Lagos, Nigeria. The Winford Centre for Children and Women works to support children and women with disabilities. Basirat also maintains a website which lists medical services, educational services for people with special needs. Alongside this, she also manages an online store The Windford Centre International with tools and materials for supporting individuals with disabilities. Basirat is also an avid writer of books for children with special needs. She visits schools and reads these books to the children. She feels that sharing the book with children could potentially help [...]

    A Successful Therap Global Visit to Marigold Special School, Nigeria

    Therap Global, the leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) recently visited Marigold Special School in Nigeria. The school has 30 students, including boarding and day-care students between the ages 2 to 33 years old. The beautiful school is located in a remote location for the community who lives there and provides services to students with disabilities, such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy, while a physical therapist comes to the school three times a week. Johanna, Director of Global Implementation of Therap Global met the teachers and students who enjoyed taking photos with her. The Director of Marigold Special School, Elizabeth Akpan later shared how they all felt ecstatic meeting her. Since Therap is available [...]

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    Therap Global team visits Proyash School, Rajshahi

    Proyash recently invited us, Therap Global team, at their premises. Proyash is one of the finest schools for children with special needs (persons with disabilities) in Rajshahi division. We cordially accepted their invitation and went there on July 9, 2019. The headteacher Md. Shafikul Islam along with staff from the school welcomed us.  The school has 90 regular students and 22 teachers. Md. Shafikul Islam explained how they prepare an assessment for each student in every four months a year and how they set an Individual Education Plan (IEP) for any particular Individual according to his/her skills. He also added that every day the teachers had to maintain a diary as a progress note and they also had to maintain [...]

    Therap Global’s Onsite Training at Saya Disabled & Autistic School

    Therap Global team members carried out a successful onsite training at Saya Disabled & Autistic School this month. The school is situated in Lalpur upazila, Natore. Md. Shemanur Rahman, Head Teacher along with the other teachers welcomed our team and explained how they do their daily documentation as well as their preferable way to process and document information.  Therap team also visited the class rooms and got a chance to see the different activities that take place. We were given a brief introductory session before we started our training. The training was concentrated on the T-Log module. Our team explained the use of T-Log, how to track information in that module and what types of T-Logs there are that the [...]

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    Therap Global’s Onsite Visit to Foundation for Women and Child Assistance (FWCA)

    Recently Therap Global went for an onsite visit to Foundation for Women and Child Assistance (FWCA) on 7th of July, 2019 which is located in Rajshahi City. The school is big enough with more than 200 students. FWCA is a well-organized school. Upon reaching, Wahida Khanam, Director of the school received us warmly. This was our first visit to this school. Wahida Khanam, who is also a parent of 2 special children has been working in this field since her child was 3 years old. She built the school on her parent's home. They maintained the Individual Plan (IP) based on the individual's capability. In their evaluation process, first, they observe the new student for 10-15 days and then they [...]

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    Therap Global’s Onsite Training at Shingra Chalanbil Protibondhi Biddaloy, Rajshahi, Bangladesh

    Therap Global team recently visited Shingra Chalanbil Protibondhi Biddaloy, Rajshashi for an onsite training. We were welcomed by the Director of the school Md. Alamgir Hossain along with the other teachers of the school. Our visit to the school started with a tour of the school. They showed us the programs conducted in each and every class of the school. The focus of this training was to demonstrate the use of T-Log module of our software and how this module enables easy documentation of information regarding Persons with Disabilities (PWD). In addition, we also gave them an idea on how the implementation of Therap’s software will help them better document regarding PWD.  To schedule a meeting with Therap Global team [...]

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    Track Daily Progress Notes Using T-Log Module in Therap Software

    Therap Global, the global leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Our software offers a wide variety of tools to assist users in their daily documentation process. We provide both online as well as onsite training sessions to train our users.  We are hosting an upcoming live group session on how to Track Daily Progress Notes Using T-Log Module in Therap Software. In the live group session we will provide an overview on how to track the daily progress notes of Persons with Disabilities (PWD) and how you can take notes using Therap’s T-Log module as well as how this module can make daily documentation process easier. In addition to that, users will get an [...]

    Therap Global meets Great Values Learning Center, Philippines

    Therap Global recently visited the Philippines. There they had a meeting with Great Values Learning Center which is situated at Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. Great Values Learning Center is the school known for its educational services catering to both regular and special learners. For more than 20 years, their mission has been to train every child to be a leader and achiever in God’s way. They also mold teachers to educate all types of learners and understand the depth and width of their profession. They likewise reach out to individuals, families, and communities to be involved in the education of every child entrusted to them. Their mission/vision is “To teach more than good values!” Currently, there are 13 teachers [...]

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    How to Enter Individual Data into the Therap Software (Bengali)

    Therap Global is pleased to announce the upcoming live group session on How to Enter Individual Data into the Therap Software in Bengali, which will be held on July 17, 2019. It will be held at 12:00 PM (GMT+6) and will discuss how Individual Data is designed to help users maintain essential information such as race, religion, admission date, program enrollment date, and more. Along with that, users will get a clear idea on how online documentation can ensure the best support for Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Users are also able to attach photographs and scanned documents in this form. Therap Global, the leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) hosts webinars, live group sessions, [...]

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    Therap Global Information Forum in Manilla, Philippines

    For the third time, Prattay Iqbal (Director of Business Development Asia, MENA & Africa Region) from Therap Global visited the Philippines in June 2019 and conducted an Information Forum. The information forum was held in Manilla for the second time. The event was very interactive for the attendees as they got a chance to ask their questions. Around 40 people from different disability service providing organizations like St. Philomena School, Lord Jesus Our Redeemer Christian Academy, Inc and from some other organizations attended the information forum. Prattay Iqbal presented at the information forum and discussed how Therap’s online documentation system is benefiting the organizations providing services to Persons With Disabilities. He also demonstrated the Therap system in the information forum [...]