Therap Global is being Used by Different Service Providers

Alphonsus De Alban, School Administrator, St. Philomena School
Limia Dewan, Senior Program Manager, BRAC Education Program, BRAC
Mahbub Hasan, Teacher, Society For The Welfare Of Autistic Children (SWAC)
Md. Mofijul Islam, Deputy director, Society For The Welfare Of Autistic Children (SWAC)
Ms. Rabeya Bosery, Occupational Therapist, Autism Welfare Foundation (AWF)
Kimberly Casiño De Alban, Special Education Program Specialist, St. Philomena School
Sabrina Mustary Smrity, Special Educator, Beautiful Mind School

Summary: Agencies spoke about the benefits they received after using Therap.

FUWAVITA, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

How Therap Global is helping FUWAVITA on their journey of empowering deaf women

Ms. Aneth Gerena Isaya, Co-founder and CEO of FUWAVITA, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

How Therap Global is helping FUWAVITA on their journey of empowering deaf women

Summary: Co-founder and CEO of FUWAVITA Ms. Aneth Gerena has conveyed to us her opinion about the Therap system and how it has made documentation easier for her organization. By using Therap now anyone of her organization can access documents online and she highly appreciated Therap Global’s work.

Special Children Special People, Uganda

How Therap Global is helping improve documentation at Special Children Special People

Moses Walusimbi, Founder and Executive Director of Programs

How Therap is helping improve the process of documentation at Special Children Special People

Summary: Moses Walusimbi has shared how Therap has been making their lives easier by helping with online documentation for People with Disabilities. He also expressed how parents and administrators can track the daily activities of each child and measure their signs of progress through Therap software.

Climb Any Mountain, South Africa

How Therap Global is Positively Impacting Climb Any Mountain

Kim Danks, Founder

Summary: Kim Danks has shared how Therap has made a huge difference in their process of transforming the living conditions of people with a learning disability and mental illness. Therap helped them by providing a secure documentation method where they can get an idea of the services being provided to each individual at one glance. They are also very grateful for Therap being accessible from mobile devices.

Marigold Special School, Nigeria

How Therap is making documentation easier for Marigold Special School

Ms. Elizabeth Akpan, CEO

Summary: Elizabeth Akpan from Marigold Special School has shared her experience of using Therap and how its application is making their work easier for tracking progress of the Individuals. They can access Therap app from anywhere and can look back at the data and analyse the progress of the Individuals easily.

Anuvob Buddhi Protibondhi and Autism School, Bangladesh

Anuvob Buddhi Protibondhi and Autism School Documentary 2019

Md. Faridul Islam, Principal
Rayhan Islam, Assistant Teacher

Summary: They have shared their journey of working for persons with disabilities to make them successful in life along with their experience of using Therap to track information of the individuals. They went over how they can enter and view information from anywhere and they do not have to use paper anymore to document those information. Moreover, they can see the actual progress of the individuals which helps them to set their future goals.

St. Philomena School, Philippines

How Therap is Benefitting St. Philomena School in their Daily Documentation

Alphonsus De Alban, School Administrator
Kimberly Casiño De Alban, Special EducationProgram Specialist

Summary: Using Therap reduced paperwork. Teachers, individuals and guardians are benefited as the student record are easy to access and make decisions based on that.

Angel’s Care Foundation (ACF), Bangladesh

Angel’s Care Documentary (2019)

Farjana Faruq, Principal
Tanvira Sultana, Psychologist

Summary: They shared their experience before and after using Therap. They explained how they no longer have to record daily activities of students in a dairy, as they have T-Logs. Both the parents and teachers are now able to track every students activity which helps them take decisions.