Activity Tracking/ Audit Reports

Therap’s data tracking features ensure that necessary and relevant documentation are available for internal or external audits and surveys. This particular tracking method also assists with the quality assurance measures of an agency and allows for supervisors to ensure delivery of service and integrity of data.

Activity Tracking

  • Therap’s Activity Tracking module keeps record of operations performed by users inside the system
  • This module shows who has been using the system, when they were using it and for what purpose
  • The system is helpful for audits and for monitoring actions performed by staff members

Electronic Signatures

  • Therap forms carry Electronic Signatures of the users
  • Forms include electronic time and date stamps
  • Any entry of data can be easily traced back to the originator
  • Policy agreements are displayed to the users right after logging into Therap

Multi-Level Access Control

  • Access privileges of user accounts are set and managed by a separate class of users
  • Administrators can set the privileges for the staff depending on the services and individuals
  • Allows users to define the level of access

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

  • Therap’s Two Factor Authentication (2FA) enables an additional layer of security when logging into the Therap system
  • Users can configure their accounts to enable the Two Factor Authentication feature so that, in addition to their login credentials, they are prompted to provide additional information
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