Reports, Surveys and Searching for Data

Therap’s data tracking features ensure that necessary and relevant documentation are available for internal or external audits and surveys. This particular tracking method also assists with the quality assurance measures of an agency and allows for supervisors to ensure delivery of service and integrity of data.

Search is available as a feature on all of Therap’s modules. They differ in parameters and allow users to search module specific data. Search results are usually presented in tables whereby the viewer can sort the list in the table by clicking on the column’s title, e.g. Date of Submission, Last Name or First Name. If results are very large, they are usually split across several pages for ease of use and they can be exported out to other formats like spreadsheets.

Archives are available for recorded services and related reports. A list is available consisting of documents that were previously updated, edited or worked on; these include documents pertaining to Finance Transactions and Accounts, Individual Service Plans, amongst many others.

Reports are useful for tracking progress, for surveys and audits, and in other decision making scenarios.

ISP Reports

Generate reports on the services provided to the Individuals to track service delivery and progress towards goals. The reports are mainly four types:

  • Programmatic Reports

    Programmatic Reports show the service data collected for programs that an Individual undertakes. The report shows the task scores for specific periods and the calculated deviation from the baseline. This assists in tracking the progress of the individuals and also in planning future steps.

  • Clinician Reports

    Clinician Reports display detailed information about the days and times during which training or supervision is provided. It also shows comments and observations recorded during the sessions.

  • Hab Documentation Record

    This report lists the days of a month and shows on which days services were provided against each task defined in the ISP Program along with links to particular documentation of the day and initials of the user who provided the service.

  • Data Collection Monthly

    This report is very similar to the Hab Documentation Record report and includes a Data Collection Monthly Summary Note where staff can add narratives about the program and the individual’s progress.

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