Are you using Therap’s Nursing/Progress Notes tool instead of Diary or Notebook?

Let us introduce you to Therap’s Nursing/ Progress Notes tool called T-Log.

Learn why you should use T-Log instead of diary or notebook:

  • Organize notes better with different categories
  • Attach important files and pictures to your notes
  • Communicate notes securely among staff
  • Find any notes within seconds by searching

T-Logs are an alternative to your logbooks or diary and the daily notes that you share with other staff members at your agency. You may write nursing/ progress notes for specific individuals or for a particular program. These logs are automatically shared with co-workers based on their caseload of individuals. Updates made to T-Logs can be seen from Update History.

Types of T-Logs

T-Logs can be categorized using one or more of the preset labels – Health, Notes, Follow-up, Behavior, Contacts and General. Types assigned to T-Logs help staff to organize the notes into relevant categories.

Tracking T-Logs

T-Logs carry information that needs to be seen and known by those supporting an individual in an agency. Thus, Therap’s To Do list on the Dashboard helps to keep track of information by displaying a count of T-Logs that are yet to be read. The ‘Acknowledge & Next’ feature makes it easy to read through large numbers of unread T-Logs.

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