Secure, Accessible Data

At the core of the Therap Global mission is providing our users with the best data possible. Many of our users previously stored their records, including sensitive personal information, on paper. Our software eliminates the risk that a natural disaster, fire, or some other unforeseen event destroys physical records.

Moving to electronic records eliminates the risk of a piece of paper somehow falling into the wrong person’s hands. With Therap, users can feel confident that the personal information stored in their records are only seen by people with the permission to do so.

We believe that organizations are able to provide better support when data is easily accessible to the appropriate people. Agencies providing support to persons with disabilities are dynamic systems that require collaboration between individuals, including the families of persons with disabilities. Using Therap, notes can be easily captured on mobile phones, laptops, and tablets and anyone that is supposed to see the information can quickly do so from their device, increasing the communication between those providing support.

Partnership & Membership