Therap Global in coordination with PatrickSpeech and Language Centre and The Winford Centre for Children and Women conducted a successful information session in Lagos, Nigeria on November 8, 2019.

Therap Global team member, Johanna Kroth, Director of Global Implementation, welcomed the attendees who included Training managers, Disability Advocates, Deaf Teachers, Sign Language Interpreter in different inclusive schools, situated in Nigeria. The session started with a presentation that included the importance of keeping documentation, the journey of Therap, statistics on usage the system, the contribution of Therap Global in attaining Sustainable Development Goals and a brief overview of the modules.

Johanna showed a demonstration of different modules of Therap which included T-logs, Individual Support Plan (ISP), health care and how the schools working for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) can be benefitted from these. 

During the session, the attendees also got hands-on experience as they were able to use Therap system through demo accounts to get an idea about how to use different modules and how they can generate reports from Therap. After using the application, the attendees were delighted to find out that their documentation was faster and they got to eliminate the use of paper. It took them less time in preparing the reports as well.

We are thankful to PatrickSpeech and Language Centre and The Winford Centre for Children and Women for helping us organize the event. The information session in Lagos ended successfully and Therap Global is looking forward to working with the agencies who attended the event.

Therap Global has been supporting agencies in Nigeria, through Therap’s suite of applications, where organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) can electronically document vital information of their persons with disabilities at ease.

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