Therap Global team members Md. Tanvir Mahabub and Tasnim Rahman Richi have visited the Alor Pakhi Foundation to conduct an onsite orientation session with the Parents on June 30, 2024. Jhumona Mallik, the Founder & Chairman of the organization, Sraystha Ghosh, Developmental Therapist & Teacher Coordinator along with the parents of the students were present at the visit. 

The meeting with Alor Pakhi Foundation was orchestrated to train approximately above 30 parents present at the orientation which was held in two different sessions. The sessions started off with our Global Team providing a concise introduction of Therap and our continuous journey with Alor Pakhi. The objective of these capacity building sessions was to familiarize parents with the Therap system. The training equipped parents with their own accounts to access real-time progress reports through documentation using Therap’s T-Log module. They also learned to view notes of teachers and therapists and provide feedback using the Therap system. 

The training wrapped up on a high note after a productive Q&A session. We are hopeful that this well-received training paves the way for increased parental involvement in monitoring their children’s progress at Alor Pakhi Foundation.

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