Therap Global organized a successful Information Session in Sylhet on 27th November 2019. The event started off at 8:30 am with a seamless registration process at the event venue. Over 40 participants from different backgrounds such as teachers, therapists, NGO representatives, and social workers attended the event. The Information session started off with a warm welcome speech by Md. Tanvir Mahbub, Training and Implementation Specialist, from the Therap Global team.

There were multiple sessions that took place during the event. The first session was started by Prattay Iqbal, Business Development Director of Therap Global where he gave an overview of Therap’s suite of applications and the importance of online documentation in the disability industry.  He also talks about the kind of services required for Persons with Disabilities and how Therap can be the best solution to track those services through online documentation. Prattay Iqbal shared with the audience the journey of Therap Global and showed the number of agencies using Therap software around the world, through a statistical presentation. 

The second talk of the session was about “Therap modules, benefits and brief discussion on support materials” which was presented by both Maureen Noonan, Director of Customer Support, from Therap US team, and Malisa Mahjabeen, Director of Training from Therap Global team. In this session, they outlined the benefits of using different modules of Therap software for service providing agency and also went over different types of support materials that are available on our support site.

The sessions were followed by a video on BRAC Neuro-Developmental Disability  (NDD) centers and afterward, Monayem Azad, Sector Specialist of BRAC Education Program (BEP),  shared their experience of using Therap and how they are being benefited from an implementation level to management level. The audience then watched a video on Anuvab Autism School located in Gaibandha and was pleased to see how Therap’s suite of applications has contributed to the daily documentation process of the school.  

The next session was about the module-specific discussion which was conducted by Asad Uzzaman Sazzad, Training and Implementation Specialist. In this session, a live demonstration of different modules of Therap software was shown which included IDF, T-log, ISP Program, and Report, Demographic Report. 

The information session concluded with the Question/Answer discussion where participants had a lot of questions for the team and were very curious about the system. We are thankful to all the participants for being a part of this event. The information session ended successfully and the team is looking forward to working with the agencies who attended the event.

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