Therap Global, the leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) recently visited Marigold Special School in Nigeria. The school has 30 students, including boarding and day-care students between the ages 2 to 33 years old. The beautiful school is located in a remote location for the community who lives there and provides services to students with disabilities, such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy, while a physical therapist comes to the school three times a week.

Johanna, Director of Global Implementation of Therap Global met the teachers and students who enjoyed taking photos with her. The Director of Marigold Special School, Elizabeth Akpan later shared how they all felt ecstatic meeting her. Since Therap is available in mobile devices, and the fact that the power was out during the entire time Johanna was at the school, didn’t seem to cause any issues as Elizabeth was able to use mobile data to access the application. As there are several students that are prescribed controlled medications, the school seemed very interested in Therap’s Medication Administration Records (MAR) module. In addition, as they do assessments and keep documentation in sheets, they liked Therap’s Individual Support Program (ISP) module. At the end of the meeting, Elizabeth was both very excited and curious regarding the functionality of Therap’s suite of applications and had a lot of questions about the system and how it would help them document better regarding the individuals at their school. It was a wonderful visit to the school and we hope to visit them again soon.

Therap Global hosts webinars, live group sessions, training sessions and more for agencies supporting PWD. Therap suite of applications offer a wide variety of tools to assist users in their daily documentation process. 

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