Therap Global is pleased to announce that a live group session will be held in order to conduct a Live Discussion on New User Interface of Therap’s ISP Modules: Create Individual Education Plan (IEP) using ISP Program and Data. This session is scheduled to be held on 17th September, 2020 at 3:00 PM (GMT +6). This live group session will be held in Bangla.

Therap’s Person-Centered Service Planning module ISP (Individual Support Plan) has been designed to provide in-depth information about what is most important to Persons with Disabilities so that everyone involved in supporting an individual can focus on those areas. ISP includes program definition, data collection, and report generation which offers a flexible way of tracking goals and progress of an individual. Through this live group session, you will learn how to utilize the new features that have been introduced to make IEP Goal tracking effortless and efficient!

Therap Global conducts frequent learning sessions including live group sessions, online and in-person conferences as well as online and onsite training sessions for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities. Therap’s official site also offers numerous support materials such as user guides and training videos.

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