We have new user guides available in Swahili now! There are currently 3 different user guides on – Kuingia Katika Therap (Logging In), Tengeneza Mtumiaji Mpya (Creating New Users) and Ingizo na Usajili/uandikishwaji wa mtu binafsi katika Mfumo wa Therap (Individual Intake). 

Therap Global has been working with organizations in Africa since July 2018. We are working with members of the Therap Global community to translate our training materials into Swahili to make them more accessible for users who speak Swahili as a primary language. This project is part of our ongoing commitment to adjust to the needs of our community members, which is also reflected in our mobile-friendly user guides.

Of Bantu origin, the Swahili language is widely spoken throughout East Africa and is an official language in countries such as Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya.

To view our new user guides in Swahili for users in Africa, visit our Guides page.

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