Training and Implementation Specialist of Therap Global Abu Saleh Al Momin recently visited Natore where he conducted an onsite training session at Shahid Muktijodha Momtaz Uddin Srity Bak Srobon O Autistic Bidhaloy. Mr. Mazedul Islam, a teacher of the school welcomed him to the school. 

The training session started with Therap Global team explaining why documentation is important and how documentation can help track the progress of individuals. Momin also explained the benefits of using Therap. After that, the teachers were provided training on how to create Site, Program, User and how to intake individuals into the system. They were also provided training on T-Log module and Therap mobile application. They found the mobile application very useful. The Global team showed them the support materials and how they can join Therap Global’s online training to learn more about the system. 

Overall, the training session went well and Therap Global is looking forward to having more training sessions with them.

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