Therap Global is pleased to invite you to an upcoming live group session on the Overview of Therap’s Health Tracking Module. This online session is scheduled to be held on 1st June, 2020 at 3:00 PM (GMT +6). This live group session will be presented in English.

Therap’s Health Tracking module is an essential part of Therap’s suite of applications. You can use this module to effortlessly track different types of health data for Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Furthermore, this module presents to you the option to create detailed and monthly reports with extensive accuracy using the health data of Persons with Disabilities. Also, you can utilize this module to efficiently record and follow up on critical medical issues such as Seizures, Medication History, Vital Signs, Infection Tracking, Respiratory Treatment, Blood Glucose, Immunizations and more! You can effortlessly generate a Health Care Report to show all the medical records of an individual in a unified viewable report.

Therap Global is the leading provider of electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities. We provide both online and onsite learning sessions as well as online learning materials to train our new users and keep our existing users updated with the new releases. 

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