Therap completed another visit to Nepal. This visit was mainly focused on user training sessions.  Therap organized training sessions with users from Navjyoti Centre, SERC School, Resource and Family Counselling school for Intellectually Disabled and Special School For Disabled & Rehabilitation Center (SSDRC).

Therap works consistently to improve the quality of services provided to the People with Disabilities (PWD), and is delighted to be a part of the efforts from different disability organizations. With Therap software, the users are ensuring Transparency and Accountability in their organizations. It is easier to enter data using Therap through Android or iOS devices, making the lives of the users much easier. The teachers and office staff from different disability organizations were very enthusiastic about using such a user friendly online software.

During the visit, several organizations have registered to use Therap as well and they are expecting to start implementation as soon as possible.

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