It was that time of the year. Therap Global organized its regional conference in Rangpur at the Rangpur Dinajpur Rural Service (RDRS) Bangladesh center. Around 50 participants from different backgrounds such as teachers, therapists, NGO representatives, and social workers attended the event. The registration for the conference started at 9:00 am in the morning. The main event started at 9:30 with a welcome speech from Abu Saleh Al Momin (Training and Implementation Specialist) from Therap Global team.

Multiple sessions took place during the event. The first session started with a brief introduction of Therap Global covered by Hasin Israq (Training and Implementation Specialist). After that, the audiences were given a presentation on the importance of documentation for providing services to Persons with Disabilities, how Therap facilitates the process of documentation and how Therap is contributing in achieving the SDG goals delivered by Md. Tanvir Mahabub (Training and Implementation Specialist). The next session was on Therap modules and the benefits of using our system which was conducted by Momin again. After each session, the participants had the chance to ask questions which were answered by the team accordingly.

We had conducted module-specific discussions in which Therap team demonstrated the T-Log and ISP Program modules. The participants were given  6 demo accounts to practice creating T-logs. Then, they were shown how to create an Individual Education Plan (IEP) by using Therap’s ISP Program module and also demonstrated how they can enter IEP/ISP data and create IEP/ISP report for providing better services to their individuals. At the event, the attendees were very excited to have their first experience as a Therap user.

There was a panel discussion coordinated by Mr. Shemanur Rahman of Saya Disabled and Autistic School and Md. Faridul Islam of Anuvab School at the end of the conference which was followed by a question and answer round for all the participants. 

Therap Global team awarded a tab to Mr. Faridul Islam of Anuvab Buddhi Protibondhi and Autism School for being the best Therap user in the North Bengal region. Overall, all the amazing people made our regional conference happen and we had a wonderful time conducting the event. We look forward to working with all the organizations who attended the event.

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