Therap Global is thrilled to invite everyone to their upcoming Therap global online workshop: Learn how to Record and Track Health Information using Therap.

It is scheduled to be held on April 18, 2021 at 1:00 PM (East Africa Time)/3:45 PM (Nepal Time)/ 4:00 PM (Bangladesh Time)/ 5:00 PM (Jakarta Time)/ 6:00 PM (Philippines Time)

Therap’s Health Tracking module allows users to efficiently and with ease record and track different types of health information and create detailed and monthly reports. You can use this module in a flexible way to record and follow up on medical issues such as medication review, health tracking review, and more! Through this online workshop, you will gain a broad outlook on Therap’s health tracking features including the base thirteen modules (appointments, blood glucose, height/weight, immunizations, infection tracking, intake/elimination, lab tests, medication history, menses, respiratory treatment, seizures, skin/wound tracking, vital signs), along with key reporting options.

Therap Global organizes frequent learning sessions and workshops including live group sessions, online and on site conferences as well as training sessions for organizations supporting Persons with disabilities. Therap’s official site also offers various support materials such as user guides and training videos. We are inviting you to join the online workshop  and enjoy this informative session.

Please click here to fill up the form to attend our online workshop.