As Therap Global team will be travelling around Africa, we will be coming again to Kenya as well. In our last visit, Therap expert, Ishya “Shae” Dotson visited National Council for Persons with Disabilities in Nairobi, Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya (CPSK) and United Disabled Persons of Kenya (UDPK). This time, our visit will consist of meeting service providers and government organizations working with disabled individuals, where we would give an overview of Therap suite of applications and how it can be used for daily documentation. Therap Global team wishes to work with service providers who are working with Ministry of Health in Kenya.

Therap Global, a global leader has been diligently working with stakeholders in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I/DD) community which includes government and private agencies, schools, donor organizations and families. Our system encompasses a wide variety of modules for both individuals, parents and staff members of service providers. Special needs schools/agencies are able to control who can see data related to  Persons with Disabilities (PWD). Reports can be generated from different modules which physicians and provider administrators can review through handheld mobile phones and tabs. Government organizations can also use generated reports for monitoring service providers. Reporting and Audit Trail features in the system will thus assist in managerial processes and decision making to meet goals and objectives for an individual. Our system’s access control mechanism also encourages sharing the right data with the right caregivers.

We will be travelling to Kenya to contribute to improving quality of care and services provided to persons with disabilities. We aim to digitize the documentation process in collaboration with both agencies and government organizations.

Hope to meet you soon!

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