Recently, Therap Global team members conducted a successful onsite training session at Belka Buddhi Protibondhi and Autistic School which is located in Dinajpur, Rangpur. The president of the school Md. Sohrab Hossain Sardar along with 6 other teachers was present at the training session.

Belka Buddhi Protibondhi and Autistic School is a specialized school that has around 300 students including 135 special needs children with disabilities such as autism, physical disabilities, speech and hearing disorder, down syndrome and also nonspecial children. They are running this as an inclusive school. Among the staffs, they have around 10 teachers and 1 therapist for children with disabilities.

In the training session, we showed Md Waheduzzaman how to enter IDFs (Individual Data Form) and T-Logs, since he has been using Therap application for a while and has also previously taken part in our online training sessions. Our training particularly focused on the T-log module and how service providers and special schools supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) globally are implementing our electronic documentation software for their daily documentation process.

The training session went well as most of the teachers were very cooperative. They believe that Therap can improve their competency in daily documentation.

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