Therap Global team members Jeremy Robbins, Hasin Israq and Abu Saleh Al Momin visited Little Wonders play & learn (Uttara Branch), Dhaka to conduct an onsite visit on June 26, 2022. In this visit, around 7 teachers and therapist from Little Wonders play & learn were present.

The visit started at their school premises, where the Global team was able to see different types of activities and services. They mentioned that they have been using Therap system for more than 2 years. The Global team discussed how the Therap system can be used by the parents and teachers in more efficient ways. 

Moreover, the teachers and therapists have shared their experiences that using Therap system has reduced their paper cost and it also saves time for the teachers as they do not have to generate reports manually. Dr. Shireen Ali, who is also an advisor of this school was present during our visit, and she was excited to know about the benefits of using Therap software

The Global team got to know that Ms. Nazneen Akhter, founder and principal, who is currently living in Canada, is monitoring the progress of the individuals and other activities of her organization via using Therap system. 

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