On September 2018, Therap Global team visited Annika Linden Centre with James M. kelly who is the Vice Chairman of Therap, along with a few other Therap experts. Annika Linden Centre is in Bali, Indonesia. This organization is providing services in the field of disability, health and education since 2013 and is serving as a centre of excellence for social change.

Nana Moeljadi and Judith Simbara from YPAC Nasional accompanied us throughout the visit. We were given a tour of the organization. Later on, our Vice Chairman James M. Kelly gave a demonstration of the Therap system which was attended by all the administrators, teachers and other staff members of Annika Linden Centre They were really excited to use Therap after they got to know the benefits of it.

We are glad that we got the opportunity to visit Annika Linden Centre and look forward to visit again.

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