Therap Global is delighted to invite everyone to our upcoming virtual roundtable “Adapting Services and Documentation for Persons with Disabilities during the Covid Pandemic”. It is scheduled to be held on August 22, 2021, at 2:00 PM (East Africa Time)/ 4:45 PM (Nepal Time)/ 5:00 PM (Bangladesh Time)/ 6:00 PM (Jakarta Time)/ 7:00 PM (Philippines Time). The virtual roundtable will focus on the challenges in the documentation for persons with disabilities and the importance of adapting to the changes in the Covid Pandemic.

Therap’s documentation system allows users to efficiently track different types of data and create detailed and monthly reports. In this current pandemic situation, participants will share experiences of how they adjusted their services through Therap’s documentation. They will also talk about how they overcame the challenges they faced. Therap experts will describe ways in which Therap’s documentation system can help an organization to provide quality support to persons with disabilities, during Covid and beyond.

Therap Global conducts frequent learning sessions including live group sessions, online and on-site conferences as well as training sessions for organizations supporting Persons with disabilities. Therap’s official site also offers numerous support materials such as user guides and training videos. We are inviting you to join the virtual roundtable and have a great experience. 

Please click here to fill-up the form and be a part of this virtual roundtable.