Therap Global is excited to invite everyone to join our upcoming virtual roundtable titled “Therap Global Virtual Roundtable: Importance of tracking Individual Education Plan (IEP) Goals.” It is scheduled to be held on May 30, 2021 at 2:00 PM (East Africa Time)/4:45 PM (Nepal Time)/5:00 PM (Bangladesh Time)/6:00 PM (Jakarta Time)/7:00 PM (Philippines Time). Therap experts will discuss the importance of tracking Individual Education Plan (IEP) Goals.

This virtual roundtable aims to help participants understand the importance of tracking Individual Education Plan (IEP) Goals and prepare them to efficiently track the progress of IEP Goals using the Therap system. By tracking IEP Goals, you will be able to check on the individual’s progress towards goals and take the initiatives and actions required to attain those goals.

Therap Global conducts various learning sessions such as live group sessions, online and on-site conferences, and training sessions for organizations supporting persons with disabilities. User guides and training videos are also available on the Therap Global website to guide both new and existing users.

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