Join Therap Global’s upcoming live group session for a Therap Global Virtual Roundtable: Overview of Therap Global and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This session will be held on 25th July, 2021 2:00 PM (East Africa Time)/4:45 PM (Nepal Time)/5:00 PM (Bangladesh Time)/6:00 PM (Jakarta Time)/7:00 PM (Philippines Time). Therap Global team will discuss about activities and FAQs regarding Therap Global and implementation process of Therap at agency level. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions/queries regarding Therap and participate in the discussion.

Therap Global is the leading global electronic documentation solution for organizations who are dedicated to providing support to Persons with Disabilities. A wide array of organizations utilize the benefits of the Therap software including governmental organizations, private agencies, donor organizations, special schools and families of persons with disabilities, to document numerous significant services dedicated to Persons with Disabilities. 

Therap understands the necessity to recognize the unique needs of each individual with disabilities. Thus, Therap has designed its application that assists users with a wide range of features which assure the best possible outcome for each individual. Therap Global users are further supported through their website that contains a variety of support materials and learning sessions such as live group sessions, both online and onsite training sessions, and more!

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