Recently Therap Global team members Abu Saleh Al Momin and Md. Tanvir Mahabub went to Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF). Members of Therap US team Jody Traina, Milagros “Mimi” Roche, and Jeremy Robbins along with a few colleagues from the development team were present as well.

Dr. Shamim Ferdous, Executive Director of BPF was there to welcome us. After that, Therap US team was given a tour of the school and its activities including the special and inclusive classes. The US team gave a presentation where they explained what services are required for better livelihood of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), the importance of documentation for service providers and why Therap is the best solution for service providers. They also provided a basic idea of some modules of the application suite such as Individual Support Plan (ISP), Individual Support Plan (ISP) Report, Health Tracking Modules, and Time Tracking. There was a good discussion afterward where both the teachers and the US team exchanged their experiences and shared some of the challenges they face working in this industry and what they do to overcome these hurdles.   

Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF) is a non-profit, non-government, philanthropic organization that was established in May 1984. BPF is working towards the best interests of disadvantaged children and children with disabilities. 

The visit went very well and Therap US team had a great time meeting the teachers and students of Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF). 

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