Therap Global visited Self-Help Group for Cerebral Palsy, Nepal (SGCP) on March 27, 2019. Cerebral Palsy Nepal is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting people with cerebral palsy. Therap Global team members, along with Therap Services members and Software professionals were present.

We were welcomed by Mr. Sushil Man Singh Prodhan, Chief Program Coordinator of SGCP. Our discussion included how the teachers previously documented information for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) on papers and how the teachers are now getting benefited by electronically documenting the vital information related to Persons with Disabilities (PWD) through Therap’s suite of applications. We also got to learn how SGCP is implementing Home Service Program for children with disabilities. After the discussion, we were given a tour of the facility where we got to learn how the teachers are providing services to children with disabilities and documenting their information and daily activities electronically.

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