Therap Global’s next visit has been to Nepal, where the team members were invited for a meeting over dinner by Mr. Surendra Bajracharya, Chief Administrator of Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS). When it comes to electronic documentation of medical and vital records for Persons with Disabilities (PWD), it’s still not a popular concept in Nepal. According to UNICEF, although the country reports a 1.94% disability rate, the actual figure is assumed to be higher. 

A discussion was held on the current implementation progress of Therap system in ACNS along with scheduling an onsite training session on the following day. As the institution has recently hired new employees, Mr. Surendra believes this next onsite training will be especially helpful for them. The team members also shared success stories of how many agencies in other countries overcame challenges in implementing the Therap system, which motivated Mr. Surrendra. 

Autism Care Nepal Society (ACNS) was founded in 2008, on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day. It is the only active non-profit organization in Nepal, run by passionate parents and guardians to provide different services for children with disabilities and to help improve their conditions. Therap Global, the leader in providing electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities (PWD) looks forward to their onsite training session with ACNS. 

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