Therap Global team members Hasin Israq and Md. Tanvir Mahbub (Training and Implementation Specialists) visited Anjuman Protibondhi Sisu Kollyan School and Sarwar Autistic Children’s Welfare Organization, which work on supporting education to children with disabilities in Khulna.

At Anjuman Protibondhi Sisu Kollyan School, Ms. Anjuman Ara and Ms. Rowshan Ara, Principal and Executive Director respectively welcomed our team members. Ms. Anjuman Ara gave a tour of the school, which has been providing quality education to children with disabilities since 2008. Currently, 60 students are enrolled and 17 teachers are involved in supporting these children for better education. To make a record of the everyday progress of these students with ease, the school was looking for a better alternative documentation process.

Therap Global team gave an overview of Therap software and went over the benefits of it such as documenting important information of their children regularly and how it can be a better alternative for electronically recording and evaluating the progress of the children. The school management is looking forward to implementing the Therap system and decided to participate in our online trainings in the coming days. 

Therap Global team’s next visit was at Sarwar Autistic Children’s Welfare Organization, where Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Ansari, Co-coordinator of the school received the team.

The school was founded in 2008 and currently, the school has 12 teachers and 40 students, with 3 computers and internet facility. School is providing free education, vocational training, rehab activities, physiotherapy, medical facilities, tiffin, school uniform including winter clothes, and various types of entertainment for the children.

After getting to know more about how the school is recording the activities of the children, Therap Global team demonstrated the software and handed them with the team’s flyers and catalogs. Afterward, Mr. Shakeel expressed his interest in implementing the Therap application.

Therap Global team had a great time in both schools and looks forward to visiting them soon.

According to Unicef in Bangladesh, there is an absence of reliable and comprehensive data available on persons with disabilities in Bangladesh. By applying electronic documentation through Therap’s suite of applications, the team is looking forward to mitigating the problem.

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