Therap participated in Inclusion Self-Advocacy Workshop on March 26, 2018 that took place in Kathmandu, Nepal. It was a two day workshop from March 26 to March 27, in partnership with Inclusion International and Parent Federation of Person with Intellectual Disabilities (PFPID). The training was guided by Inclusion International Empower Us self-advocate leaders Jayne from Kenya, Mark from Malawi and David from New Zealand.

Prattay Iqbal, International Business Development Executive participated in the Workshop on representing Therap.

Inclusion International is an international network which works with persons with intellectual disabilities and advocates with over 115 of its member societies for the inclusion of persons with an intellectual disability in all aspects of their community. Inclusion has been working over fifty years for human rights and now they are representing almost 200 member federations in 115 countries over five regions of the world including Middle East, North Africa, Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific.

The session was mostly run by self-advocates. Twenty-five self-advocates were present in the training session.

It was a very informative workshop about Self-Advocacy and the rights for Persons with Disabilities. Therap is glad to be a part of the Workshop and hopes to work with Inclusion International for a long time in the future.

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