We are excited to announce that Therap team members- Maureen, Stephanie, Gretchen, and Sarah are finally in Dhaka, Bangladesh! On their journey to Dhaka, they stopped in Dubai to help themselves get acclimated to the time change and avoid jet lag before coming to Therap BD Office.

In Dubai, they explored a number of breathtaking places, including the markets in the old part of the city, such as The Spice Souk. Colorful is one description very apt for Dubai’s Spice Souk, while aromatic is another. Stephanie’s favorite moment was on the water taxi to escape the city’s traffic in style. This short trip was a great way to catch up with each other and chat about their upcoming scheduled meetings and visits in Dhaka, including 3rd Annual Therap Global Dhaka Conference 2019.

Dubai has so much to see and experience and they would love to return with more time to explore. The team is looking forward to meeting and connecting with users across Bangladesh and to provide more information on Therap’s electronic documentation software to those who are working in the disability service community.