Therap team was at Manila, Philippines during February, 2018. Prattay Iqbal (International Business Development Executive) and Johanna Kroth (Senior Training and Implementation Specialist) visited St Philomena school and conducted a training session with the staff and the school administrators. Therap team received a very warm welcome from St Philomena school management.

Around 60 special children are currently enrolled in St Philomena School and they have over 12 special education teachers to provide services. The school authority Alphonsus De Alban and Kimberly Casiño De Alban from St Philomena school first received basic training on the Therap software. Therap team later had a training session with all the teachers of the school. First, the teachers got to know about the various features that Therap has and how these features/modules are going to help them to track and document their data. Then the Therap team showed them how to use Therap and document in Therap. It was an interactive training session, the teachers had questions regarding the software and when they were clear about the benefits of using Therap, they were really excited to start documenting in Therap.

Therap team had a great training session with St Philomena School and they hope to continue working with the school and visit Philippines again.

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