Brothers of Charity has been working with persons with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities for the past 25 Years in Sri Lanka. The have been working in several locations, which helps them cater to the deprived part of the community. Brothers of Charity started their operations with persons with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities in 1990. They have been providing services in 2 separate locations on the suburbs of Colombo. Very soon they  are also going to start their operation in their third location, East of the country. Their aim is to provide supports to individuals and families that would be in line with the local culture and with best international practice. To that end they try to develop different skills such as, Literacy/Numeracy, Health & Hygiene, Music & Dance, Social Skills Self-help Skills etc. of the persons with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities. Not only that, for long they have been working to provide  Vocational Training and Computer Education/Training. Through these training they are trying to increase the probability of persons with Intellectual/ Developmental Disabilities getting a job. From Therap, we have been in talks with Brothers of Charity, about using the software for data tracking and data storage. Hopefully soon we will be able to provide update about Brothers of Charity.

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