Therap Global team recently had an onsite training with Anuvab Buddhi Protibondhi and Autism School in Gobindaganj, Gaibandha in January 2020. Mr. Faridul Islam, Head Teacher of Anuvab Buddhi Protibondhi and Autism School welcomed us.

There were 10 teachers from the school who participated in the training session. In the training session, our team demonstrated Individual Intake, T-logs, ISP Program template, ISP data, ISP report, Health Tracking, and Therap mobile application. The teachers are already using the ISP module to track their daily activities. The Global team also demonstrated how they can create ISP reports with just a few clicks and how these reports can help them to generate monthly/yearly evaluation reports for an individual. Our team also discussed how they can document their student’s health-related information through our Seizure and Appointment modules. 

The teachers were very keen on knowing about our products and our team had a wonderful meeting and a great time with the Anuvab Buddhi Protibondhi and Autism School. Therap Global hopes to continue this journey with them.

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