Therap Global is delighted to invite everyone to our upcoming event Virtual Roundtable:  Adjusting to Bandwidth Challenges with Online Documentation. It is scheduled to be held on January 24, 2021 at 5:00 PM (Bangladesh Time)/2:00 PM (East Africa Time)/7:00 PM (Philippines Time)/ 4:45 PM (Nepal Time). The session will focus on participants sharing their practices and ideas to overcome bandwidth related issues.

The objective of this virtual roundtable is to help users to share and understand bandwidth related issues that they are facing and also to come up with strategies to overcome bandwidth related issues. The discussion will also help users to understand if using smartphones and the mobile app for data entry makes it easier for them to overcome bandwidth challenges as the mobile app needs less bandwidth for online documentation. Also if coming up with mobile-friendly user guides and learning the system following comprehensive support materials instead of joining online training would help in case of bandwidth issues.

Please Click here to fill-up the form to join our virtual roundtable discussion.