Therap Global is thrilled to invite everyone to our upcoming event Virtual Roundtable: Increase Information Sharing with Families Using Therap. It is scheduled to be held on January 10, 2021 at 5:00 PM (Bangladesh Time)/2:00 PM (East Africa Time)/7:00 PM (Philippines Time)/ 4:45 PM (Nepal Time)/6:00 PM (Jakarta Time). This session will focus on how to increase the information sharing with families.

This virtual session will provide a discussion focusing on the areas to help users better understand the importance of information sharing using Therap such as creating user accounts for family members so that parents will be able to better keep track of their children’s progress. The family members will also be able to interact with the software by entering data and documents of their findings as well. Some of the most widely used features of Therap is the sharing of reports with the family members in a safe and secure manner to help them better understand the individual’s condition.

Therap Global hosts frequent learning sessions including live group sessions, online and on site conferences as well as training sessions for organizations supporting Persons with intellectual and developmental Disabilities. Therap Global page contains numerous support materials to guide both new and existing users with the daily electronic documentation process.

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