Therap has been expanding in Asia for more than a year now. More than 40 organizations and special schools are using Therap for their day to day documentation and progress tracking. To make things enhanced for the users, Therap has launched a website for Asia –


If you are a Therap user from Asia, this is the place for you to have any kind of assistance. The website contains all the information regarding TherapAsia. From support materials to blogs on activities in Asia – you can get all updates in one place.


Therap has been constantly modifying the website with updated stuffs. Support materials such as Training videos and User Guides are currently available in English and Bangla. Therap is looking to prepare all the materials in other languages such as Sinhala, Tamil, Nepalese, Indonesian etc., according to the preferences of users of Therap in Asia.


To know more about Therap in Asia, feel free to have a go at our website