Person-Centered Planning

Person-Centered Planning centers around looking past the diagnosis of an individual with disabilities, which is too often a source of stigma, to view them as a complete person with desires and interests. An effective Person-Centered Plan requires a process of discovery to learn more deeply about the individual. This is a team effort, involving the individual, family, friends, and trained staff. Together, the Person-Centered team works to identify the individual’s goals and sets out a plan to help them increase control over their life, build relationships, and develop the skills to achieve their dreams.

Person Centered Planning continues to grow as a global best practice for providing support to persons with disabilities. The Therap Global team is committed to promoting Person Centered Planning, offering materials on best practices and employing trainers who are certified in providing Person Centered Support. If you are interested in learning more about how you can provide the best support possible, feel free to contact us and learn more.

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