Why should your agency use Therap’s Individual Education Plan/ Individual Support Plan?

  • Easily score activities and goals using a computer or phone
  • Search for data within seconds
  • Generate different reports automatically
  • Visualize progress with graphs
  • Monitor data from anywhere
  • Give parents access to their children’s information

Explore our Person-Centered Planning Tool: Individual Support Plan (ISP)

Therap’s Individual Support Plan (ISP) tool provides a platform to track the progress of an individual. Agencies can use this module to create a person-centered service plan or Individual Education Plan (IEP) to track the improvement of specific skills of an individual. ISP allows service providers to score specific tasks or skills based on the performance of the individual.

ISP is a written document of the supports, activities, and resources of an individual. One can include detailed information such as the long term objective, frequency of documentation, the criteria for completion and the goal to be achieved upon completion of the ISP Program.

ISP Reports

Generate reports on the services provided to the Individuals to track service delivery and progress towards goals. The reports are mainly four types:

  • Programmatic Reports
    Programmatic Reports show the service data collected for programs that an individual takes part in. The report shows the task scores for specific periods and the calculated deviation from the baseline. This helps to track an individual’s progress and to plan future steps.
  • Clinician Reports
    Clinician Reports display detailed information about the days and times during which training or supervision is provided. It also shows comments and observations recorded during the sessions.
  • Hab Documentation Record
    This report lists the days of a month and shows on which days services were provided against each task defined in the ISP Program along with links to particular documentation of the day and initials of the user who provided the service.
  • Data Collection Monthly
    This report is very similar to the Hab Documentation Record report and includes a Data Collection Monthly Summary Note where staff can add narratives about the program and the individual’s progress.
Progress Notes
Individual Demographic Form (IDF)
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