Join Online Training with the Google Meet – From Your Computer

To participate in an online training with the Therap experts, the users might need to use the Google Meet software. You can join a training or meeting from any modern browser using your desktop or laptop. There’s no additional software to install.

1. If you want to join the training using a computer or laptop, click on the meet link sent by a Therap expert in a chat message or email.

Note: It is to note that ‘Meet’ needs permission to use your camera and microphone. You will be asked to allow access at the first time of joining a meeting. In that case, allow the ‘Meet’ app to have access.

2. A new tab will be opened in your browser. From the new page, click on the Join now button to join the training. You will be directed to the page where you will meet other participant(s).

  • In the top part of your screen, you will find the People tab and Chat box. If you click on the ‘People Tab’, you will see the participants who are in the call. If you want to send quick messages to others, type the message in the Chat box and hit enter.
  • In the bottom-left  corner of your screen, you will find Meeting details which displays all the joining information and attachments (if the organizer attached anything prior to the training).

3. In the bottom-middle of your screen, you will find 2 buttons for sharing audio and video from your end, and another button to end the call for you. You can mute or unmute your microphone by clicking on the Microphone icon. You may turn off video by clicking on the Video icon. Turning off the video is helpful if your Internet is slow. Click on the Hang up icon when you want to leave the call.

  • There are also two buttons on the bottom-right side of the screen; which are ‘Turn on Captions’ and ‘Present Now’. The Turn on captions enables live captions, which transcribe your conversation into text captions in real time.  If you want to have this feature available for you, then click on the Turn on Captions button. 

4. For presenting your screen, use the Present screen option at the bottom-right corner. Clicking on it will show 3 options; which are Your entire screen, A window and A Chrome tab. Selecting Your entire screen will show you a message saying “Chrome wants to share the contents of your screen with Choose what you would like to share.”  Selecting the content (reflecting your actual screen) will enable the ‘Share’ the button to be clickable. Click on the Share button and your entire screen will be presented to other users.

5. If you want to stop presenting, click on the Stop sharing / Stop Presenting from your screen.

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