Search and Update Height and Weight

In order to search and update  Height/Weight information of an individual, the user will need to be assigned with the HT View and HT Update role.

1. Click on the Search link in the Height/Weight row under the Health tab.

ISP program on therap dashboard

2. On the Height/Weight Search page, enter the necessary parameters to narrow down search results and click on the Search button.

ISP program on therap dashboard

3. On the Height/Weight Search results page click anywhere on a row of an Height/Weight form to open it.

ISP program on therap dashboard

4. On the Height/Weight page make changes on the form as necessary and click on the Submit button to save the changes.

select program from isp program list
  • If you would like to  send the form via SComm to another user, you may click on the SComm button.
  • Click the Delete button if you need to move the form to a deleted status. 

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