Employment History

The Employment / Volunteering History form provides a comprehensive summary of the employment history of the persons with disabilities in one place. It details assessments and accomplishments the individual has made throughout their work experiences.

  • Create a job bank of employers for the individuals and record contact information
  • Maintain individual’s job history
  • Keep track of milestones, career development plan and more


The assessment type, date, and additional comments are indicated in this section.

Employment Milestones

Milestones related to job placement, duration, 30-60-90-120 day benchmarks and comments are noted in this section.

Career Development Plan

The Career Development Plan is summarized in this section, including the effective date and the next meeting due date.


Details such as employer address and contact information are recorded, along with the contact persons and job templates created for the employer. Contact or interaction occurred with the employer are also recorded.

Contact Person

Details of the job including title, benefits, wage and weekly hours, shift, schedule, and skills needed are indicated in the Job Template section.


The Training/Coaching section allows for detailed documentation of skills developed of the individuals, contact dates, hours and contact notes.

Application & Interview

The details of an interview, including the date of application, interview and outcome of the interview are noted in this section.

Individual Demographic Form (IDF)
Progress Notes
Person-Centered Planning