Therap Global is pleased to announce the upcoming live group session on “Benefits of Online Documentation to Support Children with Special Needs with Therap Global” scheduled on 11th of June at 3.00 PM (GMT +6). The live group session will be presented in Bangla.

We encourage you to join this live group session to acknowledge the essential tools that Therap Global has been providing, in order to make online documentation easier and efficient for you to support children with special needs. You will get the perfect opportunity to raise any questions or concerns to our expert during the session.

Therap Global has been offering a web-based system of applications designed to provide a comprehensive solution for documentation with the mission is to help organizations provide better support for Persons with Disabilities by keeping secure, easily accessible records and improving communication with staff and family members. It is the leading provider of electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities for 17 years. Therap Global hosts live group sessions, onsite and online training sessions, and more for the agencies that support Persons with Disabilities.

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