Therap Global is pleased to announce an upcoming live group session on How to Generate Health Tracking data – Health Care Report and Health Tracking Report using Therap Software that has been scheduled for the 18th of June, 2020 at 3.00 PM (GMT+6). The live group session will be held in English. 

This live group session can be the perfect opportunity for you to acknowledge the essential tools that Therap Global has been providing, in order to make online documentation easier and efficient for you such as the Health Tracking module. This module makes it easier and efficient to record and follow up on medical issues such as Vital Signs, Seizures, Infection Tracking, Immunizations, Blood Glucose, Height and Weight, and so on. Users of Therap, can generate Health Care Reports for given time ranges which can consist of different medical issues based on user’s requirement. They can also create Health Tracking Monthly Report to get an overall idea of an individual’s medical condition as well as Health Tracking Detailed Report to have comprehensive knowledge of each health issue.

Therap Global has been offering a web-based suite of applications designed to provide a comprehensive solution for planning, documentation, communication and reporting with the objective to help organizations provide better support for Persons with Disabilities. We host live group sessions, onsite and online training sessions, and more for the agencies that support Persons with Disabilities. Additional support materials like user guides are also available on the Therap Global website.

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