Therap Global is excited to announce that our upcoming live group session on How to Generate IEP Report – Individual Service Program (ISP) Report in Therap Software will be held on 7th May, 2020 at 3:00 PM (GMT +6). This session will be hosted in Bangla. This session is intended to make daily documentation for Persons with Disabilities (PWD) efficient and effortless. 

Therap’s Person-Centered Individual Support Plan (ISP)/Individual Education Plan (IEP) module is designed to help you outline the most important areas for advancement in each Individual with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities (I/DD). You can track goals and progress for the individuals under your care effectively using the features of this module. The report generation feature can be used to track service delivery and monitor progress towards goals for the individuals under your care. Types of ISP Reports currently available are Programmatic Report, Clinician Report, Hab Documentation Record, Data Collection Monthly and ISP Data Detailed Report.

Therap Global is the leading provider of electronic documentation for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities. We provide both online and onsite learning sessions to train our new users and keep our users updated with new releases. 

Register now to join the live group session on 7th May, 2020 at 3:00 PM (GMT +6).

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