Therap Global is delighted to announce that a live group session will be held on ‘How to track General Event Reports (GER) using Therap Software’. This online session is scheduled to be held on 25th June, 2020 at 3:00 PM (GMT +6). This live group session will be presented in English.

Therap’s General Event Reports (GER) module is a comprehensive incident management and reporting tool. You can utilize this HIPAA-compliant tool to effortlessly track reportable incidents for Persons with Disabilities (PWD). This tool allows you to report and follow up on a broad range of incidents including injuries, medication error, behavioral concerns, restraints and accidents. In addition to this, you can record significant details related to the incident including witness reports as well as abuse, neglect and exploitation reports. Reported incidents can be prioritized with notification levels which represent the level of urgency to ensure proper communication and follow-up.

Therap Global hosts frequent learning sessions including live group sessions, virtual and in-person conferences as well as online and onsite training sessions for organizations supporting Persons with Disabilities. Therap’s suite of applications offers an array of tools to assist users in making their daily documentation process flexible and efficient. 

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