Do you want to organize and track Appointments in your agency that supports Persons With Disabilities (PWD)? Therap Global is pleased to announce the upcoming Live Group Session on How to track Health Tracking data – Appointment using Therap Software. The Live Group Session will be held on December 11, 2019 at 12.00 PM (GMT+6). In this course, users will receive an overview of the Appointments section in the Health Tracking module through which users can organize upcoming appointments for Individuals. It allows users to obtain the contact information of physicians/specialists and hospitals from a pre-populated list. Users can also follow up on future appointments. Each appointment can be assigned a High, Medium or Low notification level.

Therap Global software has a wide range of tools available to assist users with their daily documentation needs. Our Health Tracking module allows users to efficiently track different types of health data relating to an individual and create detailed and monthly reports. To learn more join our live group sessions, training sessions, conferences and more for organizations supporting Persons With Disabilities (PWD).

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